LED Intelligent

Lighting Solution

ALPHA LITE was evolved LED core-technology by many years of research and development.
We pursue the user centered LED lighting design.
ALPHA LITE will be a company leads innovation of professional LED light.



LED lighting
technical development

ALPHA LITE has been established in 2008 and started a R&D company for lighting fixtures, and our product brand launched in 2014.

ALPHA LITE has been developing essential technologies of LED lighting through research

and development for more than a decade. It is included optical design, circuit design,

heat dissipation design and mechanical design, which are core technologies of LED lighting.
Developed with the original technology of ALPHA LITE, LED lighting products are equipped with super high capacity Spot and Base lighting that can replace HMI and halogen lighting UHD broadcasts are composed of ultra-soft, smooth surface light source lighting. We aim

at user-centered LED lighting design and lead the innovation of professional LED lighting

for broadcasting and film professionals.


Our Technology


Optimized & customized

LED Lighting plan for customers

Lighting fixture design

Brightness (Capacity)

Optical lens design

CIE1931 color space standard

light source plan

Light Source Design Engine

Optical Lens Design Solutions

Lighting Control System

■ Light source design based

   CIE1931 standard

■ Color matching technology with

   tunable color and color temperature


    - High CRI/TLCI

    - Binning compensation

    - LED arra as effective and efiicient

■ Optimizing lens design in each
fixture types

■ LCD Smart touch screen

■ DMX512 / DMX512 RDM /
   Wireless DMX512 / Wireless RDM

Spot Light

Base Soft Light

CYC Hori Light

■ Multi focusing zoom lens

■ Light guide panel pattern design,

   micro diffuser type lens

■ Asymmetric wide angle lens

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