LED lighting
technical development

ALPHA LITE was founded in 2008, started a R&D company
for lighting fixtures and launched a product brand in 2014.
ALPHA LITE is developing the essential technology
for LED lightings with dedicated R&D.

Our story


A gaffer who envisioned the new era of lighting to be LED when everyone was using halogen,
had to push his vision even further to call forth the new wave of digital color paradigm to come,
since he couldn't help seeing the coming problems from simply replacing halogen lighting with LEDs.
When the first LED lightings arrived in studios and theatres to replace the halogen, the problems
from applying analog paradigm to the digital colors continued to shackle the progress of LED lightings.
The problems were many. Multi shadow, low quality color rendering, low optical efficiency,
detailed color control failure, the noise issue from the cooling system, and etc.
“To break through the transition period, you actually shouldn’t solve the problems.
Instead of it, you have to present the new paradigm, and the problem won’t be the problem.”
With this idea in his mind, ALPHA LITE was born.

At the beginning stage of LED lightings, most of the lighting fixtures consist of cool white and
warm white LED, which cause the very limited boundary on the color capability.
ALPHA LITE had developed the RGBW light source that led the company to develop added Cyan, Magenta, Yellow to overcome the limit.
Now, the 6 to 8 colors LED engine of ALPHA LITE materializes the original color of the object as well as drastic color temperature shift (Max 35,000K) and maximum CRI 99 color fidelity.
However, as it was considered at the beginning of the company, the paradigm from analog color controlling was not the ultimate solution for the progress. The digital color paradigm was having its time to come.

RGB and α, the Four Primary Colors, the basic notion of ALPHA LITE’s technology that realizes the vast color range and outrageous brightness simultaneously. The α is the developed algorithm to realize the optimized digital color materialization and has been added as a new primary color and a new variable (n axis) with RGB into the algorithm.

The α algorithm consists of

  • Color mixing optimization
  • Dimming curve optimization
  • CRI boost
  • Fine & detailed digital color realization algorithm, which was not possible with analog controlling.

Obsessed with the progress of light technology, every member of ALPHA LITE never stops pursuing
the new paradigm so that all the professional gaffers and media artists will never collide on the blocking wall of creativity.

2008년 - 현재 History

  • 2021

    • dd

      • ddd
    • LED조명 핵심기술 임치

  • 2020

    • 벤처기업 인증

    • ISO9001:2015 품질 경영 체제 인증

    • ‘2020 한국우수브랜드평가대상’ 수상

      • - 기술혁신 브랜드 (방송촬영 LED조명 부문)
      • - 초고용량 LED조명, 세계최초 개발 상용화
  • 2008

    • HMI 대체 LED Spot/Panel조명 출시

Core Technology

  • 01

    Light Source Architecture

    • CIE1931 표준광원을 위한 광원설계 기술
    • 광색가변 색온도제어 컬러매칭 기술
    • High CRI/TLCI
    • 색온도, CRI,Lux, ΔUV, Rf-Rg 값을 일정하게 맞추어 편차 최소화
    • 효과적/효율적 LED 배열
  • 02

    Optical Design

    • LED 조명기구 타입에 따른 최적화된 광학렌즈 설계
    • High CRI/TLCI
    • 색온도, CRI,Lux, ΔUV, Rf-Rg 값을 일정하게 맞추어 편차 최소화
    • 효과적/효율적 LED 배열
  • 03

    Lighting Fixture Design & Control

    • 조명기구 외형 디자인
    • 방열구조 설계
    • LCD 스마트 터치 스크린
    • DMX512 / DMX512 RDM / Wireless DMX512
      / Wireless RDM
  • 04


    • 사용자를 위한 최적화된 맞춤형 LED 조명기구 설계
    • 외형 디자인
    • 밝기 & 색온도
    • 광학렌즈 설계
    • CIE1391 색공간 표준광원 설계


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